"I don't wanna get a job!" she cried.


Living life on our own terms…

This blog is about creative people. I’m not just talking about artists and crafts people. Although they are certainly included! I’m talking about people who choose to live life on their own terms; people who think outside the box. Some people can’t just get a conventional job and go to work for a paycheck every day. Some feel compelled to redefine ‘making a living’ in a way that better suits them. These are the people that I’ll be featuring on Living, Redefined.

I am still in the planning stages right now. I’ve been getting my interview questions in order and putting together a list of people I’d like to interview; and it’s a long one! If you know someone who is living life by working for themselves in an interesting way, I hope that you will contact me about it. I’d love to have guest writers interviewing people and writing articles for this blog. Let’s share all the information we can about Living, Redefined!

PS There will be plenty of photos to go with each post! I love photos! Don’t you?